"The challenges of the future will be faced with interdisciplinarity: culture for business and business for culture"

The centenary represents an important anniversary for the Ligabue Group. A few companies in the world can boast such a record, a goal that takes on even more importance in the light of a market marked by evolution and epochal changes. The company was born from the intuition and entrepreneurial determination of Anacleto Ligabue who since 1919 is capable to ferry the company through two world wars. His son Giancarlo takes the reins by bringing Ligabue from an established national reality to become a world leader: it is the stage of internationalization. Giancarlo Ligabue connects his entrepreneurial soul with a true passion for anthropology and archeology, creating that combination of business and culture that is recognized today throughout the world. Today the Group is made up of 5 divisions and 14 companies operating throughout the world, with a total of over 7,000 employees. At the head is the third generation of the family, Inti Ligabue, who led the company to exceed 320 million in turnover.


Ligabue SpA, world leader in catering and ship supply field, celebrates its 100 years of story in 2019. An important goal for the company and for all the people who have shared this Grande Impresa. Three generations have taken turns at his helm, starting with the founder Anacleto Ligabue, through his son Giancarlo, until reaching the current President and CEO, Inti Ligabue.


Ligabue has a great story to tell. This year, on the occasion of its centenary, we will be honored to share it through a major exhibition. In the evocative spaces of the Scuola Grande della Misericordia in Venice, we will retrace 100 years of corporate events at the turn of two centuries: a set up of 1,000 square meters, 30 thematic islands, historical and unpublished videos, audio supports, multi projections, multimedia installations. A big business museum in Venice.


"La Grande Impresa" in addition to being an exhibition, presents a series of collateral initiatives: a signature animated short film, entertainment events and a cycle of conferences with authoritative names in economics, culture, science and sport. Admission is free by reservation. To stay updated about the dates and contents of the initiatives, simply follow the news that will be posted on this website.


Thanks to all the partner companies of Ligabue Group that have decided to support us in celebrating our 100 years. They represent the confirmation that a Great Enterprise is only built with great feats.


Special thanks: Sharooq Al Taiseer & Shathi Aghadeer trading est


Special thanks